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Green Savings: Lights that reduce your carbon footprint

Do You Save From Cheaper Lights?

Don’t be fooled by less expensive lights. Save a dollar today but pay significantly more every month.  G2LED is the only light that can meet all your indoor growing requirements at the least watts while providing 5 years of maintenance-free operation.
Slash your energy bill by 65-85%.  This energy savings results in immediate cost savings for both light and cooling.

Better for the Environment

Not only will you be saving money but you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint on the earth.  Traditional indoor growing operations generate enough energy to be detected by satellite.  This creates more strain on power companies and our earth.  Be earth friendly and reduce your footprint.


The HPS 2500watt fixture will consume more than $2,500 USD in electricity when ran 24 hours year round. This cost is calculated at a national average of 12 cents per kWh
The HLS-100 Growbar costs only $120 USD to make the same foot candle levels of light.  The G2LED will also have more percentages of the color spectrum you need at the same time.


G2LED will pay for itself in less than a year in most cases of indoor organic growing applications.



  • » Significant Energy Savings
          - Dramatically reduce energy
            consumption by 65-85%
          - G2LED - fewer watts than a
            reading lamp
    » Full Color Spectrum
    » Cool-to-Touch | No Scorching
    » Record breaking PPFD value
    » No heat generation for little-to-no
       cooling costs
    » Proven growth and flowering
    » 5-year Warranty
    » 30-day money-back guarantee
    » Made in Texas, USA
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