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Digital Fax Receiver | ModuLAN® Fax Receiver MFR-200

Reduce print waste and streamline information distribution by converting your traditional faxes to digital.  The ModuLAN receiver connects to your fax line and digitally receives faxes and routes the file to designated email accounts.

The Ringdale Fax-to-Email Receiver (FaxReceiver) makes incoming fax machines obsolete. The MFR-200 FaxReceiver connects directly to a phone line and to the Ethernet Network, converting incoming faxes directly into an email, sending it to a mailbox of a mail server.

Increased efficiency

Improve communication as the document no longer needs to be collected from the machine then manually distributed and often times copied.  Faxes are immediately sent to the administrators or designated employee’s email account.  Mail servers can be set up to copy more than one person, so emails may be picked up while on the move.

Increased security

Reduce data exposure and eliminate the need for private office fax machines.  ModuLAN supports multiple numbers and routes faxes to private email accounts.  Protect client, patient and employee sensitive data: social security numbers, health history, credit card and bank account numbers and more.

Save money

Measurable RETURN ON INVESTMENT in less than a year. Estimate based on approximately 20 spam faxes a day @ 0.07 cents per page for 365 days a year totals a direct saving of $511 per device.

Reduce waste : save a tree

Faxes are electronically filed reducing the need to print, often copy and even more often dispose of.  One tree makes approximately 16.67 reams of paper, or 8,333 sheets.  An organization receiving 22 faxes a day can save 1 tree in one year.

Key Features

  • Connects directly to a phone line and to the Ethernet Network
  • No dedicated PC or server required
  • Very low power consumption
  • Receives Group III / CCITT-1 fax documents
  • Converts any faxed document to email with embedded GIF files
  • Converts any fax to email and sends to your mailbox as it is received
  • Supports standard and fine mode
  • Accepts up to 17-inch paper length per page
  • Fax viewer and print application software for Windows
  • Supports UNIX, WINDOWS and MAC

Pricing and Availability

  • $495 USD
  • Available for immediate shipping
  • Contact Caberra to place order
  • Accept all major credit cards
Invoicing available for new customers when secured by a valid credit card


MFR 200


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